School Mission & Vision

School Mission

To serve as a beacon school that graduates well-rounded students, with strong foundational skills, who connect subjects, ideas, people, problems and solutions; who create unique, significant work that contributes to the community and/or world; and who can change themselves, their peers and the world.  Connect — Create — Change!

School Vision

Renaissance students and staff will become well-rounded learners and leaders.

Students will form habits of mind including:

  • using resources and strategies to successfully find a connection and/or a solution
  • utilizing recognized forms of reasoning to construct arguments based on available evidence explaining and supporting perspectives on a topic or issue
  • seeing many points of view, generating alternatives, and considering many options
  • working toward high standards, revising and reworking, striving for constant improvement
  • consistently seeking deeper understanding, asking why, and refusing to accept an easy answer
  • willing to step outside their comfort zone, to take a risk and try new things, and generate work that is unique to them.

Faculty and staff will:

  • develop themselves professionally through participation in the Renaissance Academy (and other) learning communities
  • form strong relationships with students and then ask more of them
  • become facilitators of learning rather than dispensers of knowledge
  • will embrace the principle of multiple obligations and a commitment to the entire school


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