Isolation Measures Protocol

Protocol for Isolation Measures


  1. Staff will be provided an adequate supply of face coverings for students and staff. Medical-grade face masks for school nurse or health staff in close contact with sick persons, other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) may be needed.  These are stored in the front office.
  2. Container for disposal of masks and PPE used by isolated individuals and school nurse/health staff will be located in isolation area.
  3. There is a designated space to isolate students or staff members who develop COVID-19 symptoms. There will be supervision of students in the isolation room by a school nurse, school-based health provider, or other staff as designated until students can go home.
    1. While in the isolation room, students and supervising staff will wear facial coverings with the following exceptions: students are nauseous, struggling breathing, or in distress, they should not wear any face covering while waiting to go home. 
    1. School nurses or a school based health center will be involved in the development of further protocols and the assessment of symptoms when available. 
  4. The message to parents is that anyone with these symptoms will be advised they must remain home for at least 10 days (14 calendar days) after the illness onset AND 24 hours after fever is gone, without the use of fever reducing medicine, and other symptoms are improving.  It will also be communicated that alternatively a person may return to school after receiving a negative COVID-19 viral (PCR) test result (and if they have multiple tests, all tests are negative) and fever is gone for 24 hours, without use of fever reducing medicine, and other symptoms are improving.
  5. There is a designated space (LaClinica) for students to receive non-COVID-19 health services that is separate from COVID-19 isolation space.

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