Visitors Entering Facility Protocol

Protocol for Visitors and Itinerant Entering Facility

  • Office Staff maintain the daily log of entry into the building.  Visitors and Itinerant Staff must enter the building at the main entry by the office. 
  • Staff members can self-screen and attest to their own health. Staff members such as student teachers, itinerant staff, substitute teachers and other district staff who move between buildings are not considered visitors.
  • Office Staff will complete a visual screening of visitors with same symptom check as students, and ask about symptoms.
    • Office staff will ask the visitor for the information required on the daily log.
    • Format of Daily log:
      • Name
      • Contact Information (phone, address)
      • Date of Visit
      • Time of Entry and Exit
    • If the visitor has any of the symptoms they will be asked to go home and not enter the rest of the building.
    • Visitors must wash or sanitize their hands upon entry and exit.
  • Daily logs will be stored in main office for a minimum of 4 weeks.
  • All itinerant and all district staff (maintenance, administrative, delivery, nutrition, and any other staff) who move between buildings keep a log or calendar with a running four-week history of:
    • Time in each school building
    • Who they were in contact with at each site
  • Maintain log for a minimum of 4 weeks

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