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Principal's Message

Welcome to Crater Renaissance Academy! In Renaissance Academy, we strive for all students to find a sense of belonging, experience meaningful learning opportunities, and connect with others in a safe and supportive school environment. We strive for all students to have a positive, purposeful, and productive high school experience, where they are challenged and supported academically, so they can develop the knowledge, skills, habits, confidence, and mindsets to pursue college and career pathways in preparation for their futures beyond high school.  

Our classes are highly engaging, as we emphasize learning core subjects through our electives (digital arts, graphic design, culinary arts, theater arts, engineering and design, forestry and environmental sciences and natural resources) and our electives through our core subjects (English, social studies, science, and math). We house the band, choir, theater, and Mandarin programs on campus. Students choose an integrated humanities block, a small learning community where students explore their interests, forge new friendships, and obtain strong foundational knowledge in the sciences, arts, humanities, global studies, and citizenship. We offer several interactive science offerings, mathematics focused on teaching students 21st Century knowledge and skills in maths, and a special education program designed to support all students in unlocking their potential. Renaissance students can also participate in our hands-on, successful Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs: Digital/Visual Media and Forestry & Natural Resources. All Renaissance Academy’s courses are designed with real-world applications in mind and help students to become well-rounded learners and citizens.

Our uniquely talented, dedicated, and idealistic staff care about and support every one of our students in promoting their academic and personal growth, sparking critical thinking, inspiring leadership, encouraging community, and creating purpose. Our belief in depth over coverage prioritizes deep learning and exploration of subject matter, which allows students to access and personalize their learning, leading to positive college and career readiness outcomes. Our mission is to serve as a beacon school that graduates well-rounded students, with strong foundational skills, who connect subjects, ideas, people, problems and solutions; who create unique significant work that contributes to the community and/or world; and who can change themselves, their peers and the world. Connect--create--change.

Jennifer Spencer

Principal Spencer

Jennifer Spencer, CRA Principal

Jennifer Spencer




655 N 3rd St
Central Point, OR  97502