Ally Training Project

The Renaissance school community stands against anyone being treated unfairly.

Each spring our staff members choose three goals for the following year; our student congress goes through the same process each fall. One goal has remained constant for both staff and students — to purposefully develop a positive school culture.

In spring 2012 our student congress met with every Renaissance small learning community and found that while almost everyone wants to stand against bullying, most do not know what to do. With input from all Renaissance students, our student congress developed the pamphlet below.

The front cover features the winner of our Renaissance mission statement contest. The back cover includes quotes about bullying from Renaissance students.

The inside of the pamphlet features a chart entitled “What can you do when someone is being treated unfairly?  Are you an ally” which was designed to remind everyone that there are many things that can be done to take a stand (and that other actions make the situation worse).  This chart was also made into a poster that hangs in Renaissance hallways.

* Primary information developed with input from Renaissance Academy students.  Pamphlet developed by Renaissance Student Congress members.  Social equity grid and some information adapted from the “Becoming an Ally” website @


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